Current and Completed Projects

Carhampton New Build 2020

Started this new build for our customer in the summer of 2020. We worked along side the customer to get a home in their budget and to their specification.

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Linfield House New Build

We started on site in September 2019 to create a beautiful luxury bungalow for our customer. The build included lead rolled roof, stone work , oak and aluminium windows

Linfield - Footings Linfield -Roof Stone work Stone Work 1 1ff1ff9f-b479-48a1-afef-b1535b4e9fe7 03d53496-3387-41ee-9147-27734cb62ed1 2224e292-392c-4f13-8fd6-ca8afb91d53b ae10fae6-d771-40c7-ae85-f4b995ddcb8a b95d5416-199f-4d15-b862-d751b9eb7e59 e8f59482-0f52-471c-a697-2c3686e1af4e ea606271-4c1a-4404-bf05-1362249bdf89 f68dd23a-6ff9-48e8-b099-c979918331d6 00fcc5c6-e749-4b8a-bb5c-d4a38a64fade 1dc082ee-8a53-4839-b83b-7fb920eeb7cd 3e6da1b8-b313-45f5-b1f5-3561b351a9c5 8bc9ab44-7520-4897-81c8-e9fc99866670 20d999e0-4eff-4d00-8bb4-2f8fa3782932 41cdb91f-3d65-4c2b-bd1e-613e7a6e14fc 53fa021a-755a-45e2-b779-32c6bd568a9f 80e484e7-1cf9-47c9-ae8c-573ff6863a3c 08120357-7d41-408d-9bee-470bf18a1fdf 29692604-12fb-425b-9e2d-92c9c89dcd19 b54aecfb-0e22-43b5-8b54-ce40dec0aad0 bd0ae2ea-0577-43b1-92b0-68f6ca656deb

Ashcombe Farm - New Eco Home

Westcott & Son was appointed to build this Eco home in Tiverton at the start of 2019. It was a old farm house that was demolished to make this lovely cladded home for our customer.

Ashcombe - Side And Back Ashcombe - Side Ashcombe - Master Bedroom Ashcombe - Lift Ashcombe - Dressing Room Ashcombe - Bathroom Ashcombe Farm f4525aca-53c0-4173-bdb4-88de25682a95 image0 image1

New Build - Cullompton (2017/2018)

In 2018 we built a modern 5 bedroom house. This build is to a high specification including handmade oak windows, underfloor heating and cedar cladding. We have also put in a 280m road to the new house.

Finished South Farm (4) Finished South Farm (1) South Farm turf IMG_8881 Finished South Farm (1) IMG_8879 IMG_8883 IMG_8876 IMG_8877 IMG_8882

House Renovation in Porlock

Westcott & Son did a complete renovation on this property in Porlock including a new roof, windows and porch

Front 1 Front

Grandfields - Keenthorne

Extension to funeral directors and a 600 SQM carpark

Grandfields 1 Grandfields 4 Grandfields Grandfields 2 Granfields 3


We refurbished 2 flats for a customer as well as demolishing garages to then rebuild 3 new ones.

untitled 3 Highlands (1) untitled 2 untitled 5 garage

Vellow - Barn Conversion

The original barn has been converted into a home office for a expanding business. The conversion has been re-roofed in natural slate and all doors and windows have been handcrafted in oak.

Vellow (9) Vellow (10) Vellow (16) Vellow (17) Vellow (1) Vellow (11) Vellow (12)

Bridgwater - New build

A terrace of 3 houses which was handed over to the client in August 2017.

floor joists Bridgwater New builds New builds 2

Nutcombe Bottom New Build

This project included demolishing an old cottage to build a high specification house; which had stainless steel lintels, oak floors and an 8 car garage and workshop.

build_contractors_ban Kitchen Kitchen 2 Living room Garage 1